Première exposition en Europe

16-19 Octobre, 10h-20h

Rivoli Fine Art

Rivoli Fine Art is happy to present, for the first time in Europe, a solo exhibition of the American-Filipino artist JEFFRË, the multimedia artist known in America and Asia for his monumental and immersive installations in the heart of cities, such as his giant statue in front of the Orlando Museum, or the colossal artwork inaugurated a few months ago in the center of Manila, which can be seen from planes approaching the city, quickly imposing itself as a landmark.

Called EXTRA LARGE SMALL, the Paris exhibition displays smaller models representing the Chinese astrological signs, each produced in 3 numbered samples, as well as his famous BAKS series.

A video installation will also show how the artist envisages dealing with the city and how its citizens are involved, interacting with their urban artistic environment.


Monumental Artist Jefrë Shrinks Down for His European Debut in Paris. - The Filipino American artist presents smaller maquettes of his collasal site-specific art at Rivoli Fine Art, coinciding with Art Basel Week in Paris.
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